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This Player Is Claimed To Have A Talent Like Messi-Ronaldo

Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho is assessing the match between his team and Manchester City, which will be held at Etihad Stadium, Sunday (16/8/2015), will not determine the final outcome of this season's Premier League competition because after that, the two camps still have 36 matches again. However, according to Mourinho, itdoes not mean Chelsea will "take off" game against City it is.

"I cannot say this crucial action, define, or very important. However, two teams whowill compete are competing team captured the Championship title and won the fullpoints, "said Mourinho.

"The ride of the season is still very long. Live match was 38 like doing something that will not be completed. It's like running a marathon, which began last week and will end in about ten months. "

"If you grab the three points and your opponents to zero, this is important. But, of courseI am not going to say this match aka determine in any case for the winners as well as for the losing team, "said Mourinho.

This Player Is Claimed To Have A Talent Like Messi-Ronaldo

Chelsea and City are both new melakoni one match in the Premier League this season. At first, the mathchday City a 3-0 win over West Bromwich Albion, while Chelsea2-stalemate with Swansea City.

With those results and the results achieved by other teams, Chelsea sit 12th in the standings, while the City is on the fifth rank. Manchester United top of the table is populated, which collect the value of the six in the two games.

Midfielder Adnan Januzaj scored the decisive victory of Manchester United's 1-0 victory over Aston Villa, on a second Premier League, matchday at Villa Park, BirminghamFriday (2/8/2015). According to MU coach Louis van Gaal reacted, a goal that's not remarkable because, Januzaj is often the loss of mastery over the ball.

"(Januzaj) often also lost the ball, and in my opinion, it's not supposed to happen. He scored goals, but in football the other aspect, (I didn't see it). I am very happy because we won thanks to a goal, but there are things that are more important than scoring, "said Van Gaal reacted.

In that game, Januzaj play from the beginning until replaced Ander Herrera in the 60th minute. He scored a goal in the 29th minute, with a right-foot kick from a narrow angle on the right of defence of the Villa, grossmuller Juan Mata.

This Player Is Claimed To Have A Talent Like Messi-Ronaldo

Throughout the game, according to the Premier League, MU release two shots accurate from six attempts, with mastery of the ball 54 percent, while Villa let go one shot titis from four experiments.

With the victory, MU master value standings six from two games. Previously, MU 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur, at Old Trafford, on 8 August 2015. THY victory whenit determined by Kyle Walker's own goal in the 22nd minute.

Aston Villa coach, Tim Sherwood gave high praise to the skies of the new players this season, does Adama Traore.

With a proud, Sherwood mentions the former player of Barcelona it has ability similar to two world-class footballers, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The former coach of Tottenham Hotspurs were convinced of the talent possessed Traore would make it shine in the League United Kingdom performances, even in the international arena.

"I've been mengincarnya over the last few years. In fact I'd almost like to memboyongnya while I was still at Tottenham Hotspur. Traore player quick, dynamic and powerful. You will never know his ability, "said Sherwood was quoted as saying the Birmingham Mail.

"Traore have an ability similar to Messi and Ronaldo. He was agile and always troublesome opponents. But I will not be membanding-bandingkannya with another player, let him be great with his own name, "he added.

This Player Is Claimed To Have A Talent Like Messi-Ronaldo

The Villans successfully recruit Traore with a value of 10 million euros or around Rp154 billion with a contract duration 5 years from Barca.

Traore is an education of the Academy of Barcelona since 2004 to 2015. In the summer of 2013-2014, Spain-born players that appeared in 63 matches Barcelona B andcollected eight goals.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted, commenting on Jasa followers instagram about for the Premier League on Friday night. According to him, Friday is a time of great matches, despite the condition of the roads in the United Kingdom is very stuck.

MU success stifle Aston Villa with a final score of 1-0 at Villa Park Stadium, Saturday (15/8/2015) early morning GMT. Interestingly, this match was not held on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday as Premier League schedule as usual, but Friday night local time.

Match schedule changes that had been taking place on Saturday (15/8/2015) night,happens due to defile the 2003 English Defence League (EDL) in Walsall on Saturday afternoon. Therefore, the West Midlands Police asking to change the match schedule is not due to the MU vs Villa was able to secure the two events simultaneously.