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The Legendary Goalie MU Does Not Agree With Free Van Buying Cillessen

Manchester City appearance in the second half of the season 2014-2015 dropped dramatically. As a result, a variety of spicy criticism came approached the hosts thatManuel Pellegrini's team. However, Yaya Toure insists the criticism of wrong addresses.

Manchester City appears resplendent in the first half of the Premier League seasonUnited Kingdom 2014-2015. Manchester Blue record 13 WINS, three times against, and two defeats. However, the appearance of the City decreased dramatically in entering the month of January.

The Citizens are only able to grab five victories, four draws and five defeats from 22matches. City had risen at the end of the season with menyapubersih in lima last weekend. However, it is not enough to take them to the Championship. Sergio Aguerodkk must satisfied ended the season with a second place.

The Legendary Goalie MU Does Not Agree With Free Van Buying Cillessen

The appearance of the City inviting any spotlight. They assessed the loss of hungerafter winning the Premier League title and the League Cup the previous United Kingdom. Especially in 2014-2015 season that foster care Manuel Pellegrini campaign iscomplete without a title of any kind.

"I think last season people talk all the time. I was quite surprised. Last season was not the best season for us, but a second-place finish in the standings it feels not bad at all, "said Toure cited off the post.

"Sometimes people have to understand that we are human. Various things can go wrong. When you focus the full work, you love him and want to win all the time. My job is to make people happy and I myself also am glad, "Toure added.

City opened this season with a convincing 3-0 victory over West Bromwich Albion last weekend yesterday. Next they will be confronted with the champion last season, Chelseaat Etihad Stadium.

However, the togetherness Rafael with MU should end after he decided to leave Olympique Lyon on stock transfer awa this season. Along with Lyon, Rafael agreed to sign a contract duration of four seasons.

"I have a very good relationship with Ferguson. He helped me a lot, he's bringing me the moment was only 16 years old, I even cannot say anything, "he recalls Soccerlens was quoted as saying.

However, since Manchester United dealt with Louis van Gaal reacted, slowly but surely, the career of Rafael ever growing dimmer. 25 year old player that often becomethe bench warmers.

Rafael ever feel when Netherlands coach that did not like the bloody Brazil playerson his team.

The Legendary Goalie MU Does Not Agree With Free Van Buying Cillessen

"I myself do not know for sure, but I know if he does not like the Brazil player. Van Gaal reacted really don't like me but is it because I come from Brazil? "said Rafael.

"I was the only Brazil player remaining since the last Anderson to leave you," he added.

Legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Manchester United could not agree a plan of Louis van Gaal reacted young national team goalkeeper made the Netherlands, Jasper Cilleseen as a replacement for David de Gea. According to him, Van Gaal reacted doesn't have full confidence against Cillessen.

Cillessen had associated will be moving to Old Trafford following growing rumors the move santernya De Gea to Real Madrid. Even though it had dimmed because of THY just bring Sergio Romero in stock transfer, this news back up to the surface following the decision of Van Gaal reacted that suggests De Gea when slim 1-0 win overTottenham Hotspur in the Premier League season premiere of action 2015-2016.

Hear Cillessen back associated future bought MU, Schmeichel's successful offer fivePremier League trophy for The Red Devils hope it will not happen.

"A good goalkeeper is Cillessen, but Van gaal reacted took it out when the penalty kick Shootout in the World Cup and it shows the kind of distrust," said Schmeichelwas quoted as saying from talkSport.

"I think he does not believe 100 percent and I do not want such goalkeeper is on Manchester United," Schmeichel closes.

The Legendary Goalie MU Does Not Agree With Free Van Buying Cillessen

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Cillssen worked closely with Van Gaal reacted while still menukangi national team Netherlands in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil. At that time the Cillessen appears as the main goalkeeper of the Netherlands at the World Cup had to give up his place to Tim Krul to appear in the penalty shootout against Costa Rica in the quarterfinals.

Manchester United stayed a step touted again purchased the star of Benfica, Nicolas Gaitan. Reportedly, even Gaitan, agent Jorge Mendes has been flying directly to the United Kingdom to complete the move the player to Old Trafford.

News reserved interest of YOURS bring Gaitan already sounded since the early exchanges early season transfer season opened. However, rumors of the Red Devils are interested in bringing striker Barcelona, Pedro Rodriguez had made the news Gaitandims.