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The appeal was rejected, Courtois Remained Absent contra Manchester City

Ashley Young about the mood of the Manchester United players exercise every day.United Kingdom-born man it calls Captain Wayne Rooney as the most serious whenundergoing exercise.

Premier League season United Kingdom competition 2015-2016 official rolling last week. Manchester United maximum points in picking successful action. Red Devils subdue Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 thanks to Kyle Walker committed suicide.

Ashley Young playing full on. However, most likely he would not have that opportunity again in the next game-action. Because, coach Louis van Gaal reacted has rencanan to restore the performance of Memphis Depay to the best level.

Counter action on the Spurs, van Gaal reacted putting the Depay on the position of the second striker. However, that strategy does not run smooth. He could not movefreely because of isolated movement of Wayne Rooney.

The appeal was rejected, Courtois Remained Absent contra Manchester City

If there is no change, then Depay will return a Free van to its original position, i.e.the left-wing. Thus, Young would more sitting on the bench. But last season, Young appeared impressive at the position and successfully deliver THY grabbed the Champions League tickets.

The news is not too distracting Young. The most important for him, he always seeksthe maximum fine at the time of exercise or play. Former Aston Villa penggawa thatexpose the atmosphere of daily exercise Red Devils.

Part of the exercise that You Like the most?

-Game training match. That's because there is an element of excitement in that exercise. In addition, there is a competitive point of view, in which you want to perform impressive and snatch a place in the first team.

Who is the most Competitive at the time of Exercise?

-Wayne Rooney. He's often yelling or nagging the players not serious at the time ofexercise. The young players we've had many who became a victim of her nagging. I felt admiration towards professionalism Rooney.

How serious You respond to practice or game?

-Everything we do at time of exercise have a competitive element. All the players want to win and they sometimes feel resentful if it fails. If you have elements of it at the time of exercise, then you are definitely responding to serious competition.

The appeal was rejected, Courtois Remained Absent contra Manchester City

What area you'd like to Develop at the time of Exercise?

-I am trying to improve my ability in the air. But, until now I do not know whether itis improving or not. You always want to improve Your weak points. But on the other hand, you also want to continue to hone Your strongest point.

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Most coaching staff who You Respect?

-Jackie Kay. He was brlian and mother for all players. If you experience problems, Jackie can always finish it. He sometimes had no answer to incoming calls due to busytaking care of us all.

But, as reported by the Metro, MU is apparently secretly continues to see opportunities brought Gaitan. In fact, Jorge Mendes to travel to the United Kingdom to complete the transfer of players who've twice offered the League trophy Portugal for Benfica.

News reserved Gaitan docked to Old Trafford also strengthened after theArgentina-born players spread the Metro already say goodbyes to his teammate atBenfica. However, up to now not yet give THEE party statement reserved the transfer Gaitan.

The appeal was rejected, Courtois Remained Absent contra Manchester City

If Gaitan later so The uniformed Red Devils, allegedly the Manager, Louis van Gaal reacted will put him in the position of the wing to fill the place left by Angel Di Mariawho was invited to Paris Saint-Germain some time ago.

Chelsea's attempt to perform the related appeal red card received Thibaut Courtoisofficially failed. It means that The Blues could not lose a match in Courtois contra Manchester City, a weekend later.

Early in the second half against Swansea, Saturday (8/8/2015), it must be Belgium national team goalkeeper was sent off the referee Michael Oliver Bafetimbi Gomis dropped because. As a result Chelsea had to play with 10 men and held The Swans draw 2-2.

Next week, the Chelsea striker into the headquarters of Manchester City in the Premier League continued action. Any hopes the Blues can do one match penalty related appeals received Courtois.

However, the FA released a statement on Tuesday (11/8/15) local time to confirm if the field umpire decisions actually is. This means that former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper it will be absent on the way Chelsea to Etihad Stadium.

"Claims that contains error decisions by the referee which initiated the red card related Chelsea Thibaut Courtois does not run successfully after the independent regulation of the Komis deploying his close today."

"The Goalkeeper was sent off after referee thwart scoring attempts owned Swanseaagainst Chelsea on 52 minutes at Stamford Bridge. Related to this announcement, then the player should still abstentions one game because of what it does indeed deserve a red card was rewarded, "a statement from the FA.