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Face Aston Villa, MU Is Not Worried About Injuries To Players

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, indicating the process of healing the injury of Jack Wilshere went well. Wenger is convinced the English national team midfielder would recover and return to defend The Gunners within two weeks.

Wilshere suffered a cracked fibula bone in the left leg after getting hard from tekel teammate at Arsenal, Gabriel Paulista, in the team's practice sessions earlier this month. Due to the injury, a players 23 years it was forced to pull over for four weeks.

As a result, Wilshere must pass through a number of important action that made the cannon squad London, ranging from a 1-0 victory over Chelsea in the Community Shield game 2015, as well as when Arsenal lost 0-2 from West Ham United in the inaugural Premier League this season.

However, Arsene Wenger optimistic Wilshere would recover more quickly than expected. The origin of this France managers believe the 10 backs numbered players could be back playing at the end of August.

Face Aston Villa, MU Is Not Worried About Injuries To Players

"We predict a Jack will be absent for four weeks, and he has now entered the second week, so she is now included in schedule of rehabilitation," explained Wenger onArsenal's official website.

The Manager of the 65 years that the current conditions also explains Alexis Sanchez. Wenger calls the former Barcelona player was in condition 100 percent fit and ready to perform at the counter action taking place at Crystal Palace Selhurst Park Sunday (16/8/2015).

"Alexis is in a fit condition, he's practicing hard and ready to undergo the match this weekend." Wenger memungkasi.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted, claiming to not be concerned with the injuries that hit a number of important pillars of his team ahead of a trip to Villa Park, Aston Villa's cage Saturday (15/8/2015) early morning GMT.

Face Aston Villa, Red Devils certainly can't lose two penggawa line behind him, PhilJones and Marcos Rojo. Jones's absence in game prime time MU thin 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur injury due to thrombosis. While Rojo was still not fit enough to be lowered because of the extra holiday given after defending Argentina in Copa America 2015.

Face Aston Villa, MU Is Not Worried About Injuries To Players

"It's still the same, no injuries, only Phil Jones to injuries. It's very sad, of course, but we have to wait and see how he will recover, "said Van Gaal reacted as quoted from the official Club.

"Rojo must require a lot of time because he was the last person to come here. He did a double sometimes. He will return in good condition but he still takes time, "VanGaal reacted explained.

Further, Van Gaal reacted seems to feed the signal will not be menurukan David deGea on the counter match Aston Villa later on. "There is no difference. Transfer period is still open and he still has the same problem, "Van Gaal reacted end.

El Tigre or Tiger, that's a nickname pinned to Radamel Falcao because instinct buasnya in scoring. It's a shame really in Alas, toothless tiger like Falcao, goal-hungry invaders forgot how breaking into opponent.

Born in Santa Marta, Colombia, 29 years ago, blood gushing already football in Falcao's body. The father, Radamel García is a football player who plays as a defender.However, Garcia's career is just struggling at the competitions, Colombia and Venezuela.

In contrast to Falcao where skill to cultivate his ball has been diendus the world's major clubs, including Ajax Amsterdam. He was undergoing trial along with Ajax whenstill aged 11 years. Alas, Falcao's effort to join in one of the best football academiesin the world failed to materialize. AJAX help contracted Falcao for its ability is assessed is still not good enough.

Face Aston Villa, MU Is Not Worried About Injuries To Players

Shared Ajax failed could not make Falcao daunted. The performance of ciamiknya along with a number of clubs in Colombia such as making Millonarios and Boyacá Lanceros swinger clubs River Plate, Argentina signed her in February 2001 with the transfer value reaching 500 thousand United States dollars.

"He's a bit shy and the other players really don't like what I'm doing. Imagine having to enter a 13-year-old player? My colleague in the opposing Like instagram banyak team and told me to stop messing around and playing football professionally, "said Hernan Pacheco, former coach of Lanceros Boyacá dared play Falcao at the age of 13 years 199 days in official League competition in Colombia.

"They were all impressed that after the game. We knew he was something special,"continued Pacheco.

Migrated to Argentina when the age of 15, Falcao was not at all afraid to compete. In fact, a teammate on the River Plate Squad of U-15 describe him as El Tigre, because he played like Tigers to pounce their prey while in the opposing penalty box. Thenickname continues to rub off on Falcao.