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Clamming Aston Villa, MU Wins Premier League Standings

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is finally lifting is speaking of the Association golnya with the death of a character in the world. He assesses it as very ridiculous rumors.

Ramsey was often the subject of candaaan if himself is responsible for the death ofworld figures such as Osama Bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Whitney Houston and Muammar Gaddafi. Because, when he scored an own goal, a few days later there will be a world figure who died.

Hear that, this Wales midfielder denied if any goals he created has to do with the death of a person.

"Terkonyol Rumor I've heard is people will die when I scored," said Ramsey was quoted as saying from Sport Magazine.

"There are many occasions where I scored and when someone will die. It was just a crazy rumor. Although the goals I took some criminals, "Ramsey's life ended.

Clamming Aston Villa, MU Wins Premier League Standings

Manchester City captain, Vincent Kompany unleashed the humour with the hope star, Eden Hazard stricken with diarrhea on this weekend.

The Citizens will entertain Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium, Sunday (16/8/2015) nightEST, in the second week of the Premier League season for 2015-2016. Kompany lobbed felt he was in Belgium national team as the biggest threat to the City.

Therefore, Kompany hope Hazard not in top condition at the match later. "You would almost expect Eden Hazard will experience diarrhea," said Kompany while laughing as quoted from Het Nieuwsblad.

"Now let's get serious, you can't underestimate the effect that could have given the Hazard for Chelsea. You will wish he had not been in the best performance. Last week, against Swansea City, he may not play well in the first half, but when they became the 10th player, he became the only player who is very dangerous because it canpass through three to four opponent, "defender Kompany explained.

Further, the Suspension also explains when Eden Hazard has the ability on par withCristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi also.

Clamming Aston Villa, MU Wins Premier League Standings

"You can have the tactics to compete the way you want, but if Eden had already started running then there will be chaos," Kompany explained.

"He is at a level where he decided how teams can play good. Messi and Ronaldo have the stats animal. If you look at their talent, you could compare it to them. But Messi and Ronaldo scored a lot of goals last season, a remarkable "pungkas Kompany.

Manchester United success stifle Aston Villa 1-0 on the second weekend PANEL LIKE INSTAGRAM of the Premier League this season, which took place in Villa Park Stadium, Saturday (15/8/2015) early morning GMT. The Red Devils the only goal scored by Adnan Januzaj.

Thanks to this victory, MU pemuncak managed to become the standings with six points results from two of the winning streak. While Aston Villa are seventh in the standings with a collection of three-digit result from one WINS and one loses.

Along the match MU look very dominating the match. Proven squads orphanage Luois van Gaal reacted 55 percent able to grab the ball as opposed to 45 percent-owned The Villans.

Not only that, The Red Devils also excels in the number of shots into the net. WayneRooney cs. able to create nine shots into the goal where the two leads to the goal.While Aston Villa created five kicks with one leading to the goal.

MU first chances of getting at the 15th minute. Starting from the free kick the Memphis Depay, ball directed to Morgan Schneiderlin failed heading the ball perfectly.

Clamming Aston Villa, MU Wins Premier League Standings

Red Devils succeeded in winning 1-0 in the 29th minute. Originated from the movement on the right side, Depay gave the ball to Juan Mata. Eye of the beholder movement Adnan Januzaj send feedback breakthrough cooked properly completed original Belgium youth. This is Januzaj's first goal in this season.

Lagging behind one goal Aston Villa immediately initiate attack. On 37 minutes forMicah Ricards still soared after utilizing Spurn corner. Until the first half ended 1-0 to position The Red Devils remain.

Entering the second half, Aston Villa directly threatened on 54 minutes. Starting from corner hardware for Gabriel Agbonlahor can still be captured by Sergio Romero.

Agbonlahor back get a chance on 65 minutes. Get the bait of the stomach from the Middle English, an attacker is able to let go a shot that again could be secured Romero.

Not want to casually pressed, MU against. On 72 minutes, the bait breakthrough Eye well received by Depay. The Netherlands national team winger let go a shot that's still thin sideways along with goalkeeper Brad Guzan.

Until the whistle length reads the sign game, score a 1-0 victory for Manchester United remain unchanged.