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As Roma Strikers Edin Small Friends Of Recruits

Stock transfer Italy shocked by peburuan against Italy national team player U-20. Luca had rumoured Mazzitelli attracted the attention of four Serie A clubs.

According to the La Gazetta dello Sport Roma belonged to the quarterback, who is currently on loan to Brescia that, identified four clubs due to the good performancehave in Serie B this season.

Sassuolo, a team known to recruit talented young players, is one of the team who want Mazzitelli. They've got young players Rome also, Lorenzo Pellegrini, bought last summer for $1.2 million euro.

Sampdoria has also been linked with the player plays as the 18 cm at the request of Vincenzo Montella. Former manager of Catania and Fiorentina was already familiar with Mazzitelli, i.e. When was the coach of Settore Giovanile (junior team).

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As Roma Strikers Edin Small Friends Of Recruits

In addition, last week's Genoa and Bologna is also rumored to be interested with the same player.

In 20 matches so far, Mazzitelli has scored one goal and gave four assists in Brescia.Last season he was loaned to Lega Pro Division Sudtirol.

However, Sassuolo who managed to get it. According to Sky report, Sassuolo has reached an agreement worth three also euros for young players of the future.

According to transfermarkt Mazzitelli market price ranges from 2.5 to 3 million, but the actual transfer can be done in June 2016. So, Mazzitelli will still survive in Bresciauntil end of the season.

As Roma continue to preen on the stock transfer this January. On Saturday (30/1/2016) early morning EST, Tim Ervin Zukanovic recruitment inaugurated the Wolf fromSampdoria.

The Romans borrowed Zukanovic from Sampdoria and costs 1.2 million or equivalent to Rp 17.9 billion. BEK asal Bosnia-Herzegovina that could be owned permanently end this season if Roma pay extra 2.8 million euro.

Zukanovic, 28 years old, became the third Bosnian players who inhabited the Roman squads this season. He followed in the footsteps of Miralem Pjanic and Edin Dzeko.

Relationship with Hughes Zukanovic more special because they are childhood friends while still in Bosnia.

"I grew up with Hughes. When still a child, we played together in a club in Bosnia. Now, we are joined again in Barcelona and Rome. Really fantastic, "said Zukanovic toRoma Radio.

As Roma Strikers Edin Small Friends Of Recruits

Bosnian Club is Zukanovic Zeljeznicar Sarajevo is. Dzeko and Zukanovic is its founders came the Club's Academy.

Arrival Zukanovic will present interesting option for coach Luciano Spalletti, Roma. The player's birth, February 111987 that even he plays as a central defender or right back.

His role will be fit when Spalletti wants transition formation of three central defencesystem into four.

"Can I bring my character to Rome. Along with Hughes and Pjanic, we hope to do a good thing, "said the former Inter Milan was the target.

Rekrutan later became second Zukanovic Rome in Exchange this January after Stephan Aldo on loan from AC Milan.

Sinisa Mihajlovic came to Milan with the idea of applying the formation 4-3-1-2 as the time in Sampdoria. In fact, the pattern did not last long as the initial scheme.

The application of 4-3-1-2 as the pattern at the beginning of the party performed only until the seventh week of Mihajlovic.

After losing 0-1 in Genoa and 0-4 from Naples, on the eighth week against Torino,Miha decided to play 4-3-3.

Results 1-1 at home to Torino to make Miha back to apply under the scheme. As a result, Milan recorded three winning streak.

As Roma Strikers Edin Small Friends Of Recruits

However, a draw with Atalanta at the San Siro and the defeat at home to Juventus to make the coach changed his mind.

At the weekend against Sampdoria, Miha believes in the 4-4-2 early in the game.

The victory 4-1 to make the scheme maintained. Though not always culminate with a victory, a pattern that continued to be used until recent weeks.

If Mihajlovic has set the 4-4-2 as patterns to bring victory? The answer yet.

The Serbian coach was scheme still has confidence in 4-3-1-2. The mainstay playersthat haven't fit into the reason why the 4-3-1-2 are no longer applied since the eighth week.

"We start with the 4-3-1-2, then 4-3-3. With the 4-4-2, we achieve great results. When Kevin-Prince Boateng, Jeremy Menez, and Mario Balotelli's back in shape, I thinkto play 4-3-1-2. For now we have to continue like this, "said Miha, as quoted La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Changed again in the derbi? Failure to beat Empoli (drew 2-2) on January 23, gave rise to a question. If Mihajlovic still believes in the 4-4-2 or the schema will change again when the derbi Milan this weekend?

La Gazzetta dello Sport wrote the weakest sector in the party against Empoli is central midfield. The duo of midfielder Riccardo Montolivo, and Andrea Bertolacci, gaveprotection to four of the Defender.

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AC Milan Win thin at Bologna

AC Milan intend to recruit back Zlatan Ibrahimovic provided that perform in the European club competition season 2015-2016. The scenario implied by the CEO madeMilan Adriano Galliani.

Ibrahimovic himself would be free to transfer after June 30, 2016. He did not extendhis contract with Paris Saint-Germain.

The next destination, aspirant related Mino Raiola as Ibrahimovic had agents call AC Milan. However, Guidolin declared a requirement when asked related opportunitiesIbrahimovic joined.

"We just look at what happened, if we were in Europe or not. The season ended on May 21, 2016. So, we had to wait two weeks before giving a clear scenario, "said Galliani.

Milan was already certain to fail to seize a Champions League ticket, but it still has a chance to penetrate the Europa League. With the notes, they won the Coppa Italy Serie A or end 2015-2016 in six major zones.

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The club called the Rossoneri I was still perched on the sixth position with a collection of 57 points from 37 matches. There is a difference between two numbers with residents ranked seventh, Sassuolo, the new melakoni party 36.

With regard to the final of the Coppa Italy, Milan should be against Juventus at theSan Siro Stadium, 21 may 2016.

AC Milan Win thin at Bologna

With this win, AC Milan up one level to gain sixth with 57 points. They are linked to the four points of the occupant of the position of fifth, Fiorentina.

Since the 12th minute, Bologna already had to play with 10 men because AmadouDiawara was rewarded a second yellow card. The first card is accepted on six minutes earlier Diawara.

However, excels in the number of players does not make it easy for AC Milan. The team's Cristiano Brocchi was spotted still difficulty in developing the game.

AC Milan new could ever scored at the 40th minute, through the execution of a penalty Bacca. The penalty was given after the referee Sepatu Futsal Specs Luiz Adriano dropped Bologna'sgoalkeeper, Angelo Da Costa.

Entering the second half, AC Milan's game improved. Superior 1-0 proved not enough for the Rossoneri's troops-the nickname of AC Milan.

As a result, in the 50th minute, AC Milan had a chance to create opportunities through Jack Bacca. However, the efforts that Colombia midfielder is still not right on target.

Five minutes before the game ended, AC Milan creating opportunities through LuizAdriano. Brazil midfielder it let go of long-distance kicks, but was still hovering over the crossbar.

Until the referee blew the whistle length, no more touchdowns. Any lock AC Milan a 1-0 victory over Bologna in their enclosures.

AC Milan Win thin at Bologna

Find their inter three points thanks to goals scored by Mauro Icardi (12th minute) and Ivan Perisic (40 '). As for goals in Empoli in the game was created by Manuel Pucciarelli (37 ').

With this results, Inter still ranked fourth with nicks 64 points from 37 matches. Meanwhile, Empoli was at no. 11 with the acquisition of 43 points, or just superior goal difference with Genoa.

Since the early minutes of the match, the hosts immediately launched an attack against Empoli. Proven, all Inter action capable of releasing four shots on target.

That effort eventually led to results in the 12th minute. Starting from Ivan Perisic movement capable of dismantling the line behind Empoli, the ball then proffered to Icardi and completed properly.

The Argentina midfielder records nicks the 17th goal in the Serie A this season.

Enter 37 minutes, the public host made speechless because Empoli managed to equalize through Pucciarelli.

Get measurable feedback from Massimo Maccarone almost equalised, Pucciarelli finish perfectly. Position changed to 1-1.

AC Milan Win thin at Bologna

However, the euphoria Empoli could not last long. Three minutes after the goal, Inter Pucciarelli superior returns through Perisic. He utilizes ball throw up results for Marcelo Brozovic.

Up to down a drink, there are no more additional goals. Roberto Mancini for the troops while winning 2-1 win against Empoli.

In the second half, the match goes the more interesting. Second, because the team was doing the selling attack.

Empoli Inter threatened through trial Marcel Buchel, at 58 minutes. However, SpurnBuchel still soar thin from the goal.

Guest teams keep doing Inter against pressure Through the Inter defence, Maccarone almost equalised briefly made the hassles in anticipation of various attacks.

However, of the opportunities that are created, there is no one else who is fruitful. As a result, until the long whistle sounded, position 2-1 for Inter unchanged.