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Raheem Sterling, Prospective New Idol Manchester Blue

Raheem Sterling instantly became the fruit of the lips in the stock transfer of the summer this time. Before the official Manchester City was bought from Liverpool whobroke the record of most expensive transfer player United Kingdom, Jamaica-born youth, 20 years ago was reported asking exorbitant salary increases and refused to perform in a match Liverpool pramusim.

The move to Manchester Sterling blue greeted excited his Manager, Manuel Pellegrini. Origin of man that Chile mentioned the management The Citizens had acted appropriately in the Exchange, transfer and predict the future of the City will be brightwith the arrival of Sterling.

With the value of the transfer of 49 million pounds, it's no wonder many people who question whether Sterling deserves the label bears the most expensive United Kingdom players. The following reviews his statistics during the strengthening of Liverpool.

Raheem Sterling, Prospective New Idol Manchester Blue

Debuted in the 2011-2012 season, Sterling broke through the regular team in the 2012-2013 season with a total of 24 appearances in the League. Until last season, where he played 35 games, he recorded a total of 92 appearances with 7014 minutes play or an average of 78 minutes per game in the Premier League.

Together with the senior team fortress Anfield, during the three seasons he has total then 18 touchdowns and 14 assists. His goal record is done in summer 2013-2014with nine goals. While the feedback resulted in record scorer was created in summer 2014-2015 with seven assists.

On the other hand, the piercing of the side wings with the speed of the game, a touch of one-two and dribelnya became a mainstay Raheem Sterling defense in dismantling opponents. Last season, he made 75 opportunities with average 2.4 shots on target and 25.5 time success with success ratio of 81% in every game. Last season, he also recorded 103 passing success do opposing players with 50% success ratio.

For the past three seasons, a player who can play as an attacking midfielder and a striker it records an average of 82% chance of 54.3, three successful and successful dribel with 80 times the percentage of 53% in every season. The note is not a bad record for a player who is not yet even 20 years.

His habit of doing accelerated often force the player opponents have no choice other than the offender to stop it. Petite body and plays with 170 cm last season, Sterling breached 97 times as much total or average 2.7 times per game.

However, the player who has strengthened the United Kingdom national team 16 times and scored one goal, it was judged to have weakness in doing cross and air duel. United Kingdom in the League last season, Sterling just do average 0.5 cross in every game and just win 5 times an air duel of 30 times his experiments throughout the season.

Raheem Sterling, Prospective New Idol Manchester Blue

Not only that, he was also rated weak in defense. Recorded at the 2014-2015 season ago, Sterling did an experiment where tekel 52 45 of them fruiting violations and five yellow cards.

Such weakness does not seem to be much impact for Manchester City Premier League season champion considering the 2013-2014 and then has a solid defence. Thus,Sterling is likely to be more focused to accompany Sergio Aguero in the front-line.

With its own potential and is supported by the quality of the players City, Sterling is believed to be more developed and became an important figure of the success ofMan City competing in the Premier League and Champions League season 2015-2016.

Raheem Sterling, Prospective New Idol Manchester Blue

Interesting to wait whether the price paid for expensive City to get his services able to paid Raheem Sterling above the field.

The Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal reacted, again made an unusual decision. Meneer 64 years harks back to back up David de Gea moments into the headquarters of Aston Villa at Villa Park, Saturday (15/8/2015) early morning GMT.

Rumor solved the transfer saga De Gea toward Real Madrid seem to still bother VanGaal reacted. Got backed up when MU thin victory 1-0 over Tottenham Hotspur at the Auto like instagram weekend inaugural Premier League season of 2015-2016, the decision will be repeated Netherlands origin it managers in the game against The Villans.

"He will not play. The situation is still the same. He did not break into the squad, "said Van Gaal reacted when melakoni action ahead of a press conference as quoted from the official MU.

"There is no difference. Transfer period is still open and he (De Gea) still has the same problem, "Van Gaal reacted explained.

That means the game cons Aston Villa, MU back will lose Sergio Romero that appeared in the inaugural match against ciamik The Lilywhites.