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Arsene Wenger: Wilshere Recovered in two Weeks

Like the Tigers released in the jungle, sharpness sharpened when Falcao decide continue career in Europe along with Porto in 2009. Long story short, Radamel Falcao full player Garcia Zarate was capable of elections caused 72 goals in 87 matches that traveled along with The Dragons. Various trophies there are also capable to Porto, from one League title, two Portugal Portugal Cup trophy, two Portugal Super Cup title, as well as the Europa League title.

Do not stop until there, Falcao also records individual achievement along with Porto. His goal to play Braga FC Porto brings not only won the Europa League season 2010-2011, but also records his name as top scorer in a season with 17 goals in 14 matches. He surpassed the achievements of Germany, national team legend Jurgen Klinsmann who carved out 15 goals while Bayern Munich are uniformed in the UEFA Cup 1995-1996.

Arsene Wenger: Wilshere Recovered in two Weeks

"I want to play with him. Falcao is great players and are on a very high level. He has won everything this season, in which he also scored a lot of goals. Today, he is the best football player of a reference Colombia, "praise Cristiano Ronaldo refers to Falcao's performance in the season 2010-2011.

The player who once attended a journalist at the University of Palermo, Buenos Aires finally overtake Messi to Spain, but not as a teammate, but rivals. Falcao left Portoand receive on Atletico Madrid in August 2011. Along with Atletico, Falcao kept theTigers ' ROAR ', even aumannya the more toned and make his opponents fear.

Of the 91 appearance along Los Rojiblancos, Falcao recorded 70 times breaking intoopponent. The goal of the 70 ditorehkannya with jersey Atletico, some of which have unforgettable memories, Europa League final kind of season 2011-2012 as well as the party of the European Super Cup.

In the Europa League final which takes place in the Arena of Nationala, Bucharest, 9 may 2012, Falcao scored two goals at once brought silence Atletico Madrid Athletic Bilbao three goals without reply.

Arsene Wenger: Wilshere Recovered in two Weeks

When the Magpies UEFA Super Cup 2012 which occasions the Stade Louis II, Monaco31 August 2012, Falcao made the Chelsea rearguard led David Luiz and Gary Cahill hurriedly. He is capable of breaking into the goalpost three times champion of the Champions League season 2011-2012 in the 6th minute, 19and 34. Atletico any success to stifle The Blues by a score of 4-1.

His continued bak rocket at Atletico Madrid made many European clubs fighting over wanting to get his signature. In the end, AS Monaco who successfully proposes Falcao of Atletico with mahar 60 million euros on 31 May 2013.

Exorbitant prices held at all does not overload the player whose name is taken from the Brazil national team legend and AS Roma, Paulo Roberto Falcao. Falcao is able to simultaneously bring elections caused 11 goals in Monaco France Ligue 1 seasonsettled the 2013-2014 in the runner-up position.

Life is like a wheel, cannot forever be at the top. It also happens in the career of Radamel Falcao. A storm of injuries that hit in January 2014, making the Tigers like Falcao is badly injured and start to lose kebuasannya


Arsene Wenger: Wilshere Recovered in two Weeks

A ghost Named ACL Injury (Anterior cruciate ligaments)

Radamel Falcao suffered an ACL injury (anterior cruciate ligaments) in his left kneewhile Monaco face Chasselay Monts d'Or Azargues on 22 January 2014, in the France Cup. Tekel hard players Monts d'Or Azargues, Soner Ertek make Falcao sprawl on the ground.

Sake can be recovered, Falcao directly up onto the operating table three days later.The things he did to be able to perform with Colombia national football team at theFIFA World Cup 2014. Unfortunately, the injury to the ACL could not recover in a short time. Normal people who Jual followers instagram have experienced an injury takes eight to 12 months to be 100 percent fit. As for a football player had to undergo treatment for six months for recovered.

To be able to recover faster, Falcao comes to rely cederanya recovery to an experienced surgeon named Jose Carlos Noronha. Moreover, the doctor managed to makeReal Madrid Defender Pepe, who also was hit by an ACL injury in December 2009 can be recovered in less than six months. Thanks to a successful surgery and intensive care of Noronha, Pepe was declared recovered and could strengthen Portugal at the World Cup.

Falcao operation runs successfully. He also takes over the next 140 days for throughthe rehabilitation process. Even so, the player who once hounded AC Milan and Fluminense in 2008 is still not removed to the 2014 World Cup. When his condition began to improve. It turns out that trauma or worry about similar injuries often return to haunt every player to ever hit by ACL.