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Raheem Sterling debut at Manchester City Reap Praise

Raheem Sterling melakoni his debut along with Manchester City in the Premier League this season against West Bromwich Alibion. Though not scoring, the performance of Sterling reaped praise.

A trip to the headquarters of the West at The Hawthorns Bromine, Tuesday (11/8/2015) early morning GMT, the United Kingdom national team winger plays since the early minutes. With its speed, Sterling was able to rear the troublesome WBA.

As reported by the Whoscored, a redeemed Man City players from Liverpool with around Usd 1 trillion it had two good scoring opportunities, i.e. 41 minutes and 47. Alas, a pair of shots Sterling could still be halted The Baggies goalkeeper.

On 74 minutes, Manager of the City, Manuel Pellegrini's players pull out of those 20 years and included Samir Nasri. Despite not playing for 90 minutes, Raheem Sterlingappearance in this match earned the adulation of The Citizens, Captain Vincent Kompany.

"The main thing is if we have some new tools that can be used in this season. Raheem gave us the poignancy and the speed to hurt the opposing team while surviving, "said Kompany as reported by the BBC.

Raheem Sterling debut at Manchester City Reap Praise

"It makes the other team should be thinking about Raheem. He also gave us a little danger is needed and we have so many tools to hurt the other team, "continued penggawa Barcelona Belgium.

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However, different comments, spoken Pellegrini. The Manager of the origin of Chilethat judge, Sterling has yet to reveal his best.

"Raheem Sterling had two opportunities to score, but he had just initiated a seasonalongside fellow new. This action may not be the best appearance, "explained Pellegrini.

The successful Citizens reap the victory at home to West Bromine by a score of 3-0.The third Man City goal into the Yaya Toure in the 9th minute and 24, as well as Vincent Kompany 59 minutes.

The positive results made Manchester City reserves the right to remain at the top ofthe standings while the Premier League with a value of three. While the WBA, stranded at the bottom of the standings with a value of 0.

Manchester City to pluck three figures in the first week of the Premier League season for 2015-2016. Face West Bromwich Albion, City won three goals without reply. The third Man City goal into the Yaya Toure (9 ' and 24 "), Vincent Kompany (59 ').

Raheem Sterling debut at Manchester City Reap Praise

Extra points made The Citizens entitled to remain at the top of the standings while the Premier League with a value of three. While the WBA, stranded at the bottom ofthe standings with a value of 0.

Magpies at The Hawthorns on Tuesday (11/8/2015) early morning GMT, Man City Manager, Manuel Pellegrini, played the scheme 4-2-3-1. While Manager Tony Pulis West Bromine, applying tactics 4-4-2.

Though into the opponent's headquarters, the City directly control the course of thematch. At the 9th minute, Yaya Toure managed to break the net West Bromine. Spurn the right foot Toure utilizes assists from Jesus Navas had hit the foot of DefenderThe Baggies. Turn any ball go into the goal.

Superior to the one goal, The Citizens increasingly raise the tempo of attacks. In the 24th minute, Toure back records his name on the scoreboard while doubling the superiority of Manchester City. Spurn measurable right foot former Barcelona it was cleared by goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, the WBA.

West Bromine is not without resistance. But, Rickie Lambert cs. in establishing the attack always ran aground at the foot of defender of Man City.

Four minutes on the stroke down, Raheem Sterling almost tore the goalposts WestBromine. But, kick right foot players valuable 49 million pounds could be easily secured goalie.

Up down, score 2-0 for City excellence.

Entering the second half, the home team attempting to initiate the attack. Rickie Lambert gained a great opportunity to bring The Baggies minimize failed on 49 minutes. Unfortunately, the execution free kick Lambert still hovers above thin.

Raheem Sterling debut at Manchester City Reap Praise

Gool..!! The Citizens enlarge excellence into 3-0 on 59 minutes. David Silva corner execution can be converted Vincent Kompany into goals. Kompany success breaking into the net West Bromine header.

Left behind three goals, could not make penggawa WBA loosen attacks. Although he lost the ball, West Bromine number of times get opportunities through counterattacks. But, the efforts of James Morrison 77 minutes and Victor Anichebe on 87 minutes can be stopped Joe Hart.

Aguero..!! UH babe Spurn the hard left foot the Argentina national team striker on 89 minutes successfully muted goalkeeper. Until the whistle length reads the sign game over, a score of 3-0 victory for the City.

Manchester City's well-deserved victory in this match. Manuel Pellegrini's team appeared dominating almost throughout the match.