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"Balotelli Is Probably Possessed By Satan!"

The Liverpool striker, Mario Balotelli, indeed never escape from the controversy. Bengalnya attitude off the field is not directly proportional to his achievements in the field of green.

The attitude of the bengal Balotelli kian became when he joined Manchester City, August 122010. Super Mario ever burn the bathrooms with firecrackers, pelted the Central City that young players training with professional darts (darts), accidentally crash the super expensive cars, to fight with coach Roberto Mancini.

The public more about its negative actions over various Trophies, rather than his achievements on the field. A 24-year-old player was recently scored four goals for Liverpool from 28 matches.

No doubt, Balotelli was often bombarded various spicy criticism. The one that flashes a sharp critique is a living legend of West Ham United, Paolo Di Canio, who also owns the nature of bengal during the still so a player.

"Balotelli Is Probably Possessed By Satan!"

"Speaking as a Manager, my view on football is you need to understand what it means to play with teammates. Sometimes, he thinks football just to keep the ball, memerkan capacity in several ways and his colleagues should understand him. No, football is a sacrifice! "said At Canio reported by Talksport.

"A lot of the devil that resides in the brain. He's still young, he is physically strong. He is a natural athlete, but never use its potential. He was just busy on social networking and making soccer as a tool to become a celebrity, "imbuh Di Canio.

At Canio also see there have been many coaches who try to change the attitude ofBalotelli, but was unsuccessful. In fact, as hard as coach Jose Mourinho or Roberto Mancini just failed to change the character of bengal Super Mario.

"A lot of managers who have been trying to change him, his father was in the Madrid football, but even he does not now want to return to Inter," continued Canio's.

"Ready to understand it from the beginning. He is a player character readers very well. He's already seen these players can't change the (Inter). Now his age is already 25 years old, he had to change myself and can't count on others to help him, "close at Canio.

Manchester City's Manager, Manuel Pellegrini refused to rule out the chances of the arrival of midfielder Wolfsburg, Kevin De Bruyne.

De Bruyne reported another step would return to the Premier League. The Citizens reportedly has given the bid at around 45 million euros.

"Balotelli Is Probably Possessed By Satan!"

After a match against West Bromwich Albion in which City wins 3-0 on Tuesday (11/8/2015) early morning GMT, he said: "this is just a rumor so it is not important for me to answer all of the names of players who can come and go."

"We will see what will happen from now until the end of August when the window closed players exchanges. I think we can have a stronger squad because the City playing in four competitions. So if we get a chance to bring in a player with a goal to improve the squad, we will try to do it, "said guy named complete Manuel Luis Pellegrini Ripamonti as reported by Soccerway.

Earlier, Wolfsburg coach Dieter Hecking as sure older asuhnya will not move to Manchester City in the summer. He thinks he is more worthy of moving to a bigger Clubthan The Citizens.

"I am sure De Bruyne will persist. With all due respect to the City, but if the offer came from Real Madrid, BarcelonaBayern Munich or certainly the situation is different. I certainly understood his desire to move if the offer coming from big clubs, "saidHecking as reported by Four Four Two.

Manchester City start their Premier League season 2015-2016 with the victory. Theystifle West Bromwich Albion three goals without reply. The positive results made The Citizens, Manager Manuel Pellegrini is satisfied.

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Play at The Hawthorns on Tuesday (11/8/2015) early morning GMT, Man City goes down with his squad. Yaya Toure successfully unlocks the superiority of City at the 9th minute.

Sign in the 24th minute, Toure back records his name on the scoreboard while doubling the superiority of Manchester City. Original Spurn the measured midfielder Côte d'Ivoire were from outside the penalty box streaked seamlessly fit into the goal.

Vincent Kompany participated and contributed the goals for City. Barcelona goal on59 minutes was cleared by goalkeeper Boaz Myhill, the WBA. Until the match is over, a score of 3-0 to the primacy of The Citizens persist.

"It's important to start the season with a victory. I always feel pleased when my team scored a goal, "said Pellegrini as reported by the BBC.

Manchester City's well-deserved victory in this match. They dominated almost throughout the match. City had 69 percent of the ball possession as against 31 percent-owned West Bromine.