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Features: Can the ' El Tigre ' Radamel Falcao Roars in Chelsea?

Join Manchester United on loan on 1 September 2014, Radamel Falcao digadang-gadang would be a huge success and became The Red Devils scoring machine. In fact, Louis van Gaal reacted the newly appointed manager of the MU replaced David Moyes was pleased with the presence of the attacker who modelled himself on the legend of the Arsenal, Thierry Henry.

Radamel "is one of the most prolific scorers in the game. Performance goal ratio up to speak, when players like him available in the stock transfer, this is an opportunitythat cannot be missed, "said Van Gaal reacted kala introduces Falcao to the public.

But, the expectation is just wishful thinking. Falcao who wears no. 9 Andy Cole remains, along with the Red Devils failed miserably. Appearing 14 times as a starter and 15 times as a substitute, Falcao often failed to take advantage of opportunities. Radamel Falcao full player Garcia Zarate such as lost instingnya in the scoring. Consequently, throughout the season 2014-2015, he only contributed four goals create MU. In fact, the same golnya collection with nicks Chris Smalling who plays as a defender.

Features: Can the ' El Tigre ' Radamel Falcao Roars in Chelsea?

Poor performance of Falcao in MU of an ACL injury that is still bergelayut on his head. Falcao some times fear duel with opposing players fearing back dibekap an ACL injury. Inevitably, the melempemnya appearance of the attacker who was once synonymous with longish hair is the subject of a quasi supporters or opponents, supporters of thy own. El Tigre was once like a tiger beast that is always able to pounce his opponents, now is simply a cat home-the weak and helpless.

The shadows back dibekap an ACL injury in fact does not only affect the psychological Falcao, but also a number of famous football player never had a similar injury. Some names such as Michael Owen, Michael Essien, Holger Badstuber, Mario Gomez,until Theo Walcott had to struggled to rise up the injury after being hit. Even so, there was a bit of a football player's performance also produced increasingly moncer after dibekap an ACL injury, namely Alan Shearer, Alessandro Del Piero, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Roberto Baggio, Robert Pires, and Mikel Arteta.


Features: Can the ' El Tigre ' Radamel Falcao Roars in Chelsea?

The ambition to rise in Chelsea

Appear ugly on last season made Manchester United's management decided to return Radamel Falcao to AS Monaco. But, haven't had a chance to the uniformed Monaco, Falcao already downloaded before cancellation or Chelsea. The Blues acquiredFalcao to Stamford Bridge on 3 July 2015 with the status of the loan until the end ofthe season. Chelsea hook Falcao's decision to become a Beli followers instagram big question mark. Moreover, the first player capable of scoring a hat-trick in the UEFA Super Cup is not yet able to return first found after being hit badly ligament injury.

"If I can help Falcao reached level game, I will do it. It hurts me when people in theUnited Kingdom judge Falcao who is actually the figure we see at Manchester United. In Spain we were together when he Loan and strengthen me in Real Madrid. I am very-very familiar. He is a great player, "said Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho.

Features: Can the ' El Tigre ' Radamel Falcao Roars in Chelsea?

The Special One is often known as a manager who likes to talk. However, he also is the figure that is ready to prove such utterances, one of which was when Chelsea striker fired in season 2007-2008.

He said "If the Club decided to fire me because of the bad results Chelsea, it's part of the game. If it is true they decide so, I will so billionaires and other clubs will train a few more months. " Sure enough, he was getting great results from funding the deal termination of cooperation and then grabbing a huge success along with Inter Milan in the summer of 2008 to 2010.

With its status as one of the best coaches in the world, Mourinho is believed to be capable of making any Radamel Falcao returned garang. Besides being proficient in giving motivations, Mourinho also has a lineup of players who are ready to pamperFalcao at the front-line. Call it Cesc Fabregas, Oscar, Willian, until Eden Hazard will help El Tigre back roaring.

"We know if Falcao is a player who is very talented. He just needed a loved and trusted. Two things it would acquired him here, "said Chelsea striker, Diego Costa who also teammate Falcao at Atletico Madrid.

"The Manager was delighted he could buy our enthusiastic and could have him in the squad is because he's a great player. She could sync with with his teammates and he will help us a lot off the field. "

However, Radamel Falcao also had to fight to get the confidence of Mourinho. Because, Mourinho also figure managers who do not hesitate to suggest the player even though it remained a star and has the skill to cultivate qualified ball.