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Toure's Agent: My Grandfather Can Also Champion

Liverpool FC appeared impressive when it came to the headquarters of Derby County to play the match of the third round of the League Cup, United Kingdom at iPro Stadium on Tuesday (20/9/2016). Juergen Klopp's forces grabbed a 3-0 away victory over the Club from the first Division Championship was.

Liverpool are very dominant in those games. Statistics from the BBC shows how RedThe superiority because registered a 60 percent possession plus a total of 16 shots(7 right on target). Compare with opponents who only made four shots with two ongoal.

Even so, it's not that Liverpool could easily break the host's goalpost. In fact, The Reds can reap the first goal in the 24th minute through Ragnar Klavan, and score 1-0 survived up to down.

New at the start of the second half, Liverpool can add goals. Philippe Coutinho wasthe advantage his team at the 50th minute, before Divock Origi adds goal on 54 minutes, to make the score to 3-0.

Toure's Agent: My Grandfather Can Also Champion

As a result, Liverpool ever increasingly assert their strength when up against the team from the League more more in the League Cup. In total, they have only once failed to advance from 14th last match (including this action).

On the other hand, any Liverpool shows the productivity is very high at the beginning of this season because they have repackaged the 19 goals in first seven games in the summer of 2016-2017. Compare with achievement in the last season in which the Red just makes The penggawa five goals in the first seven games.

Yaya Toure, agent Dimitri the ins, "shrink" trophy collection ever achieved by Manchester City Manager, Josep Guardiola.

First, To highlight the progress of Barcelona in Barcelona. Along with Barcelona, the club called La Blaugrana find their 14 titles, two of them UEFA Champions League.

Only, according to the ins, Pick simply receive an inheritance from the previous coach, Frank Rijkaard. Rijkaard era, players such as Victor Valdes, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and indeed already inhabit the core team Barcelona.

Toure's Agent: My Grandfather Can Also Champion

"Barcelona orphanage he built by Frank Rijkaard. He was also fortunate to have Cristiano Ronaldo. The figure that forms the Barcelona Barcelona, but not real Madrid, "said the ins.

The ins also noticed similar tendencies when nurturing Champions Bayern. Earlier, inan era of Jupp Heynckes, Bayern is already solid and able to grab the treble.

As for the joint Champions, Bayern continue dominance in the domestic scoring three Bundesliga trophy and two DFB Pokal.

"They've been a great team before. Guardiola was not allowed to fail. My grandfather could also win the League with a team like that, "said the Insider.

Hard To comment is a reply to Pick. The Manager openly asked Toure and his agentthrow an apology in order to play again.

Thus, if the ins is willing to meet the demand for Real Madrid?

"I will apologize when Guardiola also did similar things to Manuel Pellegrini," said the agent.

Toure's Agent: My Grandfather Can Also Champion

Manchester City's Manager, Josep Guardiola, asking agents Yaya Toure, the ins, Dimitri apologized to him over comments The squad list problem spiciness Citizens in Champions League 2016-2017. However, the ins refused to comply.

The ins had denounced the decision not to include the name of Barcelona's Yaya Toure and Manchester City squad list in the Champions League. The agent calls the Pep have done a big mistake.

It is taken in winter by Guardiola. Until the end, 45-year-old it Manager revealed the reason that pencoretan while asking the ins say apology to him.

"It is very difficult to ignore the case of Champions League squad, but on a Jasa Like Instagram day in which his agent commented, I decided to mencoretnya," said Guardiola quoted from Mancity.com.

"If he had apologized to the to the Club, then all will be fine," he said.

However, the ins refused to apologize to Barcelona and Manchester City. He felt himself who should apologise, but Guardiola.

"What should make me apologise? Barcelona recently won some matches and already thinks he is the King, "said the ins told Sky Sports.

"I live in Europe and have the freedom to say whatever I like. Barcelona cannot stopme, "he said.

In fact, the ins says Real Madrid not only has to apologize to Yaya Toure and himself, but to some figure who has become his existence in Man City: korbak, such as Manuel Pellegrini and Joe Hart.

Pellegrini and Hart is the most obvious victims of the supports Pick at Man City.

Pellegrini could not be the focus of the team after the Club officially stated get Guardiola since the middle of the season. While Hart had to be loaned to Torino, although previously has always been the first choice goalkeeper.