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The Results Of The Third Round Of The League Cup, United Kingdom: Knocked Out Everton, Chelsea Do ' Comeback '

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, did not guarantee Cesc Fabregas to appear against Arsenal in the Premier League continued at the Emirates Stadium, Saturday (24/2016).

Spain midfielder it appears impressive when Chelsea won 4-2 over Leicester City in the League Cup third round party United Kingdom, King Power Stadium on Tuesday (20/9/2016). He contributed one assists plus two goals created in just a span of 2 minutes 29 seconds.

The appearance of Fabregas in the match it was inviting praise from Conte.

"I feel happy because United's game shows good. He shows an incredible attitude in training and when it gets a call to come down on the field, "said Conte.

The utterance is not Conte won the guarantee so that Fabregas back to core team event for Premier League Chelsea, including a counter party Arsenal.

The Results Of The Third Round Of The League Cup, United Kingdom: Knocked Out Everton, Chelsea Do ' Comeback '

Fabregas still are asked to prove its quality in a three-day training sessions. If they fail to lure Conte, he must prepare to return to warm the bench.

"They have to convince me. I want the competition to choose the order of the best starter. All the players in the squad have a chance to appear against Arsenal, "said Conte.

Earlier, United's new get a ration of 32 minutes in the League. He lost two midfielders to compete with the more characteristic defensive anchor, Nemanja Matic andN'Golo Kanté.

Surprises happen in the third round of the League Cup Tuesday, United Kingdom (20/9/2016). The Premier League clubs are currently on-fire, Everton, unpredictably should accept the reality of bitter since losing 0-2 at present entertain Norwich City.

Steven Naismith goal and Josh Murphy in the late first round and the middle of the second half, making The Toffees failed to follow in the his rival from the highest caste League United Kingdom like the neighbours, Liverpool, Arsenal, as well as the Champions League when it came to the headquarters of the opponent. Liverpool 3-0 win over Derby County, while Arsenal won 4-0 over Nottingham Forest.

Chelsea's 4-2 win over Leicester City in the League Cup third round party United Kingdom, King Power Stadium on Tuesday (20/9/2016). CESC Fabregas Chelsea became a hero with the donation of two goals in the next 2 minutes 29 seconds.

This victory earned Chelsea is not easy. The hosts team Antonio Conte had left behind two goals in the first half.

The Results Of The Third Round Of The League Cup, United Kingdom: Knocked Out Everton, Chelsea Do ' Comeback '

Leicester's first goal was created due to blunders Asmir Begovic in the 17th minute.Balls that look easy in fact failed arrested Begovic so struck with Jack to play Chelsea Shinji Okazaki.

Eighteen minutes later, Okazaki scored both by utilizing feedback Andy King. This goal of control not perfect Pedro Rodriguez in the Chelsea midfield.

Lagged two goals, Chelsea ever try raising the intensity of attacks ahead of the first round is over. As a result, they reap results through Gary Cahill.

Cahill beat Wes Morgan in the air, and then Gore on his ball from a Cesc Fabregas corner. Lesakan Cahill became the last 45 minutes.

Chelsea improved in the second half. New match goes five minutes, they equalize goals thanks to Cesar Azpilicueta.

Origin Spain defender was a wild ball from a distance of 10 metres with volley shot.The ball leading to upper right corner without being able to drive by Ron Robert Zieler.

The score drew 2-last up to 90 minutes. As a result, deploying additional referees.

In this phase, Cesc Fabregas become the protagonist for a team called The Blues. In the first four minutes, he scored two goals.

First, at 92 minutes, he let go a shot into the bottom left hand corner of the net after receiving a feed from Diego Costa. Fabregas adds to the excellence through hard shot into the top corner of the NET just two minutes later.

The rest of the time failed to utilized both teams to add to the goals. A score of 4-2for the victory team plastered the long whistle sounded when the referee.

The Results Of The Third Round Of The League Cup, United Kingdom: Knocked Out Everton, Chelsea Do ' Comeback '

Arsenal's victory, securing a 4-0 victory over Nottingham Forest in the League Cup third round matches United Kingdom at the City Ground, Nottinghamon Tuesday (20/9/2016). Two players later The Gunners, Lucas Perez and Granit Xhaka, contribute in such action.

Arsenal was dominant in this match. BBC statistics, referring to Arsene Wenger's troops Beli Like Instagram grabbed the ball up to 61 percent with a total of 17 shots (9 right on target).

Nottingham is actually not too bad. Although only 39 percent possession but former elite clubs in the United Kingdom this could make a total of 11 shots. Alas, their accuracy is very low because of the total amount of tempakan, just two are right on target.

Although it is very dominant, Arsenal only scored one goal in the first half, which produced Xhaka at the 23rd minute. After that, The Gunners are always conquering Nottingham in three meetings last in the Premier League (1997, 1998, 1999), can onlyobtain opportunities but failed to create goals.