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Ancelotti Had A Desire To Handle The National Team Italy

Real Madrid's coach, Carlo Ancelotti, admitted very admired figure of Steven Gerrard. Former AC Milan coach was also told me about his experience in an unforgettable moments together I the Rossoneri.

"I so admire Steven Gerrard. When I was in Milan, we attempted to recruit her, but that's not possible, "said Ancelotti.

Ancelotti also spoke about his experiences against Liverpool as coach of AC Milan. Especially in the UEFA Champions League.

"Our revenge against Liverpool by winning the final game 2-1 in 2007 after passingdefeat on penalties in the final of the 2005 outstanding. There's nothing I can change in the final 2005. I asked the players to focus. All the things I tell them is not wrong, "he said.

Carlo Ancelotti claimed to have the desire to coach the national team of Italy. However, it will only happen at the right moment.

Ancelotti Had A Desire To Handle The National Team Italy

The coach, who has already won three Champions League titles, Carlo Ancelotti, was the most popular name in Italy national team bench in the future. Real Madrid's coach did not close the possibility to handle Gli Azzurri in the future.

"I certainly had desire it. However, later when I lost the passion to train every day. For now that's what I want. There is a destiny in football, "said Ancelotti.

"My experience as an assistant coach, Arrigo Sacchi, Italy at the 1994 United StatesWorld Cup is tremendous. Working with him taught me a lot about how to explaina lot of things to the players, "he said.

Agent Marco Verratti fumed in Italy everyone is talking about the greatness of a Paul Pogba, when he convinced his clients have the ability is as good as the Juventus midfielder. The agent of fate experienced Verratti like painting the Mona lisa.

"I heard the Pogba has a price of 100 million euros, but in Italy we have a very important. Yes, the Juventus midfielder Verratti is equivalent to it, "said Di Campli.

"I was angry in Italy people talk about everything except Verratti. The performance of other players, even those who are not in Italy, "he said.

"France is not satisfied with stealing the Mona Lisa from us, now they've also steal Verratti," he added.

Ancelotti Had A Desire To Handle The National Team Italy

Andrea Pirlo admitted briefly thinking to finalize a career as a footballer in 2005. Precisely when Pirlo felt already does not have the spirit of the time failed to win the UEFA Champions League after losing to AC Milan in the final against Liverpool.

At that time, AC Milan had superior 3-0 over Liverpool in the first round. However, The Reds were able to rise up and equalize to 3-3 and force extra time to play the game.

Liverpool finally comes out as the winner through penalty shootout drama. Then, an execution penalty kick Pirlo foiled Jerzy Dudek and Spurn Andriy Shevchenko also misses.

"When I left the football is still far away. But the idea of retiring had crossed my mind, "said Pirlo.

"Precisely when the defeat of AC Milan in the Champions League final against Liverpool in Istanbul. In a few days I had thought it was over. I have no strength left, "he said.

The President of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, once again expressed concern at the State of the Italy football, especially with the situation faced by Parma. The condition of the Gilalloblu it is a symptom of the problems that many other clubs faced Italy.

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Ancelotti Had A Desire To Handle The National Team Italy

Agnelli ever questioned how can Parma managed to get the license to play in the Serie A this season. Whereas Relief of Calcio and Italy Football Federation (FIGC) are already aware that they do not have enough finance to complete the competition.

In addition, the salaries of players of Parma also unpaid since last July and the Clubasked to end it all on March 19. The takeover of the Club two times within just a few months had failed to resolve problems with the Club, the Club's management shows that Italy is very bad at the moment.

"This case is just like the tip of the iceberg (looks small on the surface, but actually a lot bigger). In the last four years, dozens of clubs are facing bankruptcy and such a situation has become worse, "said Agnelli told Die Zeit.

"It is a fact that this is the result of bad management of the Italy football. Someonestill has to explain to me how clubs like Parma, who had refused to play in the UEFAEuropa League last season, could still easily be allowed to continue playing in Seriea. "