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Juventus Takes 16 WINS and 8 series for the Scudetto

With the victory streak has reached in the last four rounds, Juventus continue to improve rankings in the Serie A standings, 2015-2016.

On the weekend of the 10th Arsenal still in the 12th position. Massimiliano Allegri'steam have now been ranked the top five. Juventus are just left behind seven points from Napoli at the top of the standings.

Automatic, Juventus started to believe myself that chance of retaining the scudetto is still there. Allegri including believes that Juventus is still a chance to become a champion.

The coach even mentions the figure of "sacred" is needed of Juventus. "With 80 points you win. With 72 to 80 could finish in second or third place, "he said in a news conference before the fight Thursday, Lazio (3/12).

"It's hard to say how the numbers are definitely needed. But, I think it will be hard to grab the scudetto with under 80 points. In the second round later on will be more difficult to get points, "Abidal continued.

Juventus Takes 16 WINS and 8 series for the Scudetto

Juventus currently accounting for 24 points. According to the statement, Allegri, theOld Lady still need to look for 56 points.

With the competition still leaves 24 party, 56 points appropriately can be obtainedwith 16 victories plus eight times against city. But, it's a combination of the requiredresults if Juventus never lose again until the end of the season. That is, each defeat suffered from now on should be compensated for by increasing the number of victories. Can it?

Recently emerged rumors that associate Massimiliano Allegri with Manchester United to replace Louis van Gaal reacted. However, Juventus is more focusing to hook the player in the January transfer exchanges.

"My contract until 2017 alongside Juventus. It is more important than rumours on the stock transfer, "said Allegri as reported by Gazzetta World.

Van Gaal reacted earlier had said would not extend his contract at Man United at the age of 65 years.

The contract ended in June with free Van 2017 and that means the club based in Old Trafford need to prepare prospective replacements.

Ahead of the opening of the exchange of January 2016 transfer, Allegri also seems to already be thinking about the strategy of the transfer of the player. Yes, he's planning on doing activities of the transfer in order to strengthen La Vecchia Signora.

Juventus Takes 16 WINS and 8 series for the Scudetto

"For one month will open stock transfers in January, the media will certainly be pleased with news coverage of players from one club to the other clubs. We have to think about what to do this year, "he said.

Mauro Icardi was the most dangerous Inter last season. He became the top scorer of the team, who also became the Serie A top scorer of 2014-2015.

Last season, Icardi's status as the top scorer of the season with a total of 22 capocannoniere aka goals. He and striker gaek belonged to Verona, Luca Toni, holding suchstatus.

Now, after passing a third trip of the season 2015-2016, Icardi recently made four goals. With these, the Inter striker rataan that at best would make 12 goals this season!

Decreased performance looks unfinished in the match. Icardi seemed not to fit, lazy,and often impatient. Icardi even had time to complain himself gained the services offellow teammate so hard it gets opportunities create scoring.

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Juventus Takes 16 WINS and 8 series for the Scudetto

The statistics also describe the performance decline. This season, the user number nine it backs off his one shot every 48 minutes. Rataan it down half of last season.

In 2014-2015, Icardi recorded average pulled off one shot every 24 minutes. So, in one action can create three Icardi shots!

Icardi as still not able to move-on from last season's accomplishments. Create the best chance to rise is against Genoa on Saturday, November 5, 2015, at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. As a former player of the Club's city rival Genoa, Sampdoria, Icardiis obviously very excited when I got to meet Grifoni.

First record of the Genoese cons Icardi meeting belongs to the good. Of the five matches, Icardi win three times, drew once, and once defeated. In a match that matches, Icardi was also able to create three goals and two assists.