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Instead of Milan, Ibrahimovic Inter, Not want to End his career in Naples!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is famous as a person who frequently issued a statement full of sensations.

One of the most famous Italian comments was when he criticized the former strikerJohn Carew, the Norway national football team.

"What can be done with the ball, Carew I could do with an orange," saidIbrahimovic.

When failing to take Sweden to the World Cup 2014, Ibrahimovic also with lightly said: "one thing is for sure, the World Cup without me there would be delicious to behold."

As it turns out, is not the only Brazilian who was keen to invite the sensation through his words. The agent, Mino Raiola, recently also fishing hoopla fans of pemuncak team standings while Serie A 2015-2016, Naples.

Instead of Milan, Ibrahimovic Inter, Not want to End his career in Naples!

Raiola said that his client wanted to end his career in Italy. Not in Milan, Inter or Juventus, but Napoli. The Brazilian contract along with PSG would indeed be done per June 2016.

"When Ibrahimovic saw the passion of the fans of Napoli, he said wanted to end his career at the Club," said Raiola was quoted as saying Crc Radio.

It's no secret that the Napoli tifosi is one of the most militant in Italy. Saban I Partenopei magpies enclosure, could certainly be noisy San Paolo Stadium by the audience.

Average San Paolo populated mostly by 35,983 audience in Serie A 2015-2016. The record came five best in Serie A this season. Visitors to San Paolo just lost alot of Giuseppe Meazza (Inter Milan/52.752 spectators per game), Olimpico (Rome/46.667),and Juventus Stadium (Juventus/37.432).

According to the statistics that noticeably commonplace if Ibrahimovic were fascinated by the hubbub of San Paolo. However, the fans of Napoli made disappointed kala Raiola continued his words.

"Ibrahimovic's contract expires in June 2016. However, Ibrahimovic will not be returned to Italy because it is beyond the economy of Naples, "said Raiola.

Although the 34-year-old Ibrahimovic already valued very highly by PSG. In France it is, Ibrahimovic received a salary of 15 million euros per season. The Brazilian income was almost three times more numerous than Gonzalo Dismisses (5.5 million euros) that status as a player of Naples with the thickest wallet.

Instead of Milan, Ibrahimovic Inter, Not want to End his career in Naples!

In December 2011, Maurizio Sarri was fired by the Club of Sorrento, Lega Pro Primaor third level competition in Italy. Almost four years later, he brought the Naples team to Serie A.

At first, the capacity of Sarri in leading classmates Club Napoli is doubtful many parties. It is natural given the history list the majority of life filled grain of experience for directing a team of semenjana, even amateur.

However, males aged 56 years is proving that quality it is permanent, no matter the place wherever he works. The result is potent. For the first time in 25 years, a replacement Rafa Benitez since last summer was a success to boost Napoli sole ruler of the Serie A standings.

Who exactly Sarri? Let's get to know closer this eccentric man through five of the following facts.

Starting from the Bottom

Maurizio Sarri was a perfect example of the stage of evolution in coaching career inItaly. He started the trip as peramu tactics in the lowest level, together with the regional clubs. His first Club was Stia, a team of amateurs who come from the province of Arezzo, in 1990-1991.

He melakoni his debut at the professional level together with Sangiovannese (2003-2005) in the Italian Serie C2 and Serie C1 aka Division IV and III in Italy competitionsystem. In 2005-2006, increasing his career again with the menukangi of Pescara in Serie B.

Instead of Milan, Ibrahimovic Inter, Not want to End his career in Naples!

The next season, Sarri joined Arezzo as substitute Antonio Conte who was fired. After that, the glassy eyes of the man travelled in six different clubs to settle at Empoli and bring them promotion to Serie A in 2014-2015.

His debut in the highest League caste Italy confiscated attention. Empoli made into a giant bully gravel team though capitalized material potluck squads. Sarri performance last season was pretty convincing his status as successor to Benitez in Naples.

Not like Rafa Benitez or Massimiliano Allegri, Sarri not the type of coach that exist in cyberspace. She had no social media accounts. Born January 10, 1959 that prefer conventional methods of communication with the media.

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Linkup Sarri in Naples means return it to the Club's favorite childhood. As Napoletano (people from Naples), he was born in Bagnoli, an industrial district in Campania, Naples. His father was a worker's heavy equipment.

The family moved to Figline Valdarno, Firenze, when five-year-old Sarri. At that time, Sarri only supporting Naples boy among teammates in Florence. He was particularly admired the quarterback whiz Naples era 1960 and 1970s, Antonio Juliano.

"When he was 17 years old, I watched the game against Fiorentina, Napoli at the Artemio Franchi Stadium, of course with the away team were in the stands," he said to Il Mattino.