Senin, 16 Januari 2017

There are no Players in Italy Fiorentina and Napoli

Gonzalo Dismisses carve hattrick create Naples met Dinamo Moskva in the Europa League on Thursday. Napoli win 3-1 and the bomber had an important record of Argentina.

Thanks to the extra trigol, Dismisses has now scored a total of 47 goals in various event since joining Napoli in 2013. That amount put him in 13th position in the list ofall-time goal King of Naples.

Former Real Madrid striker that equaled the record of two legendary clubs, AmadeoAmadei and Andrea Carnevale. Amazingly, Dismisses reached 47 goals in less than two seasons. Amadei and Carnevale achieve it for more than three seasons. Pemuncak list of honored it still belongs to the greatest Club legend, Diego Maradona (115 touchdowns).

Italy sent five representatives to the Europa League round of 16. They areFiorentina, Inter, NapoliRoma and Torino. Ironically, Italy midfielder can not feel directly compete in the competition!

There are no Players in Italy Fiorentina and Napoli

In the first match of the round of 16, only 16 players Italy which became a starter inthe Club's five.

Torino became the team's most noticeably as the team origin Country spaghetti. Coach Giampiero Ventura played seven Italiano against Dinamo Moskva.

Inter fielded a three-man Italy, while Roma lose two players. That ought to be made public, in particular Italy national team coach of Italy, Antonio Conte, worry, Fiorentina and Napoli is in no way choose Italy as the main choice man!

No wonder if Conte has often complained of the difficulty of selecting the player Italy qualified.

The future of Hernan Crespo at Inter is not yet clear. He wants to stay in shining I Nerazzurri. But, the club owner of the original attacker Argentina that, Chelsea, would like the bomber back to Stamford Bridge London.

Before the first final of the Coppa Italy (9/5), the 31-year-old players were praising the city of Rome and I Giallorossi, which he calls a very dangerous team. A signal Crespo would like to defend the Roma?

To Corriere dello Sport, Crespo said: "I admit that the city of Rome has always existed in the liver. The city is remarkable. There is nothing that can rival the beauty of this city. "

Crespo had lived in Rome. He defended Lazio from 2000 to 2002. Crespo met his wife, Alessia, in the eternal city. Alessia a tifoso Rome. He really like Francesco Totti.

"With Francesco I've swapped jerseys to give to Alessia," said Crespo.

There are no Players in Italy Fiorentina and Napoli

An attacker with a record scoring 130 goals in Serie A this makes recognition of hope Alessia. "He had a dream of seeing me in Rome. But, he knows that I love Inter and I want to remain at the Club, "he said.

Who knew Alessia can affect the husband, who this season is already three times the bust of Roma – one goal in Serie A and two in the Coppa. In the last two seasons,Crespo moved to Milan and then to Inter because his wife did not like living in London.

Inter coach Roberto Mancini, said it is difficult for his team to win the Coppa Italy after losing 2-6 in the final of Rome first. But, in football nothing is impossible.

"We should be demonstrating confidence in the final second. Not easy, but a miracle can happen in football, "said Inter President, Massimo Moratti, as reported by Ansa.

Inter must win 4-0 on Thursday (17/5) at the Giuseppe Meazza became the first Club to three times consecutively won Italy Cup.

Defender Ivan Cordoba asked his colleagues not to be discouraged. Colombia midfielder said that in football there is no term all have ended before the game starts.

Cordoba is hoping I Nerazzurri can make a sensational comeback. "We have to playa great game at the San Siro to turn things around," said Inter midfielder Dejan Stankovic,.

This season, Inter have ever defeated the Roman goal four times in one game, namely in the Supercoppa Italy. Only, in action in August at the Giuseppe Meazza was the goal La Beneamata Il Lupo hacked three times.

Inter's task to reverse the score of 2-6 added weight because they are without Marco face Barcelona defender and midfielder Olivier Dacourt, who is exposed to an accumulation of penalty cards.

The victory of the Lazio in the Serie A last Sunday, make sure Inter can create wonders. When cons Lazio, Inter are lagging behind 0-2 and 2-3 before eventually winning4-3.

Despite winning 6-2, Rome has not been partying. I Giallorossi learn from experience in the past, including in the Supercoppa. That time Il Lupo winning 3-0 and then equated and losing 3-4.

The day after the final of the first, in coach Luciano Spalletti rehearsal sessions ask the players not to dissolve in a party victory of 6-2. "Our feet must remain on Earth," said the coach, a shaved-headed it.

"I don't feel that we've won the Coppa. But, if we play like in Milan on Wednesday, then we have a great chance of lifting the trophy, "said il capitano Rome, FrancescoTotti.