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Ivory Coast Youth dreams play in Man United

Manchester City's Manager, Josep Guardiola, is planning to play Captain Vincent Kompany in League Cup action United Kingdom face Swansea City. However, it does not apply to Yaya Toure.

Man City will play the matches of the 3rd round of the League Cup, United Kingdomface Swansea at the Liberty Stadium, Wednesday (21/9/1999). Some changes of course will be conducted for the sake of the players ' fitness.

Kompany is part of the core team and Manchester City serves as a captain. However, the 30 year old player that has never appeared in this season due to injury.

Guardiola said that Barcelona were ready to get back on the game. It is also done for the sake of speeding up the process of physical recovery that has long not to compete.

Ivory Coast Youth dreams play in Man United

However, unlike the case with Yaya Toure. Players aged 33 years it was believed had never competed by Champions despite not having injuries. It is believed to be the fruit of a relationship that is not either the player with Pep.

"Barcelona have a chance but Yaya is not ready. Fernando is probably not ready to appear on Wednesday, while Fabian Delph has been with squads and in much bettercondition, "said Guardiola quoted from the official website of the Club.

"We will try and win this competition. We'll play some players that not many have had the opportunity to appear, but our goal remains to achieve victory, "he said.

The Manager of Manchester City, Josep "Pep" Guardiola, giving terms when Yaya Toure wants to return to play.

PEP asked Toure, Dimtri Ins agent, apologized to comment on related Spain coach.

PEP "freeze" Toure since the beginning of this season. In fact, the Ivory Coast midfielder signing Manchester City squad at the UEFA Champions League.

After Toure crossed out, to criticize the Pep. At that time, the ins told him he will praise the Pep if successfully brought the City win the Champions League.

Instead, the Pep must also have the courage of recognizing mistakes suggests great players like Yaya if it fails. Apparently, the statement that the ins made an impression for the Pep.

"The thing that's difficult to write off him from the UEFA Champions League. But after his speech, he crossed out, "I'm Pep.

Ivory Coast Youth dreams play in Man United

Therefore, Pep Toure demanded apologies if he wants to come back.

A young Atalanta midfielder Franck Kessie, had big dreams. The 19-year-old playerswere dreaming of playing at Manchester United.

Kessie became one of the football universe in risingstar Italy in 2016-2017. He stoleattention through nicks 5 goals in 4 matches in all the event.

Kessie is hoping appearances in midfield could carry his name leapt and made United's glance.

"Right now, I would like colleagues specializing in Like Instagram Gratis Italy game tactics. However, would I want a career in the Premier League, "said born in Ouragahio was reported by FourFourTwo.

"I want to play for Man United. I don't know if Jose Mourinho still train there, but United has always been my favorite team, "said Kessie.

Actually, Kessie had got an offer to play in the Premier League. However, teams that are interested in the player is not United, but Sunderland.

"Last summer, I almost joined Sunderland. However, I prefer Serie A because it is more possible to learn tactics in Italy, "said Kessie.

Kessie senior national team debut on getting Ivory Coast when he was 17. The moment happened in the match against Sierra Leone on September 6, 2014.

Ivory Coast Youth dreams play in Man United

Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo revealed that Barcelona's decision raised the Marc-AndreTer Stegen as the number one goalkeeper being the main reason for the origin of the Chile player joined Manchester City at the start of this season.

Bravo was the main goalkeeper El Barca during his two seasons at Camp Nou. In total, he won 8 titles along with Barca.

However, Bravo chooses joined City at the start of this season. The 33-year-old goalkeeper would go home for 17 million pounds with a contract for 4 years.

The main reason of expressing any Bravo leaving Barcelona. "It's not me again who became the first at Barca. Now Ter Stegen. Barca offers a new contract but the contract clause, I am asking to understand, "says Bravo to Cadena SER.

"I come clean that I don't want to sit on the bench. They understand. In Barcelona, I always do my best. I have always found support, "sambungnya.

So far, Bravo had 3 appearances with note entry 1 touchdowns and posted a clean sheet in 2 matches. He conceded one goal when melakoni debut against Manchester United in the Premier League on September 10, 2016.

After that, he recorded not conceded in the 2-game streak.