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Interesting Fact Coach Naples, From Bank Employees To Drone

To be a Jockey, you don't have to be a horse first." Popular sentence that pronounced the former coach Arrigo Sacchi, Milan, at the beginning of his arrival at the Rossoneri.

Sacchi mengutarakannya response to create parties doubt it would succeed because it does not have a background as a great player. In fact, her success brought Milan debuted in the late 1980s. The fate of Sacchi is almost the same as Sarri.

Different from Roberto Mancini, Vincenzo Montella, Allegri, the iconic or as a playerbefore switching functions become coaches, experience as a football player Sarri was very minimal. Formerly, he was a defender. Never melakoni trial along with Fiorentina and Torino, but never offered a contract.

Sarri then try their luck together with local club Florence, Figline. Then, Figline trained by one of the former greatest striker in Serie A, Kurt Hamrin.

Interesting Fact Coach Naples, From Bank Employees To Drone

"I've coached Sarri, but more on the bench. Of course I don't think he'll be a good coach, "said Hamrin, 81 years, on last October.

Because his career players not brilliantly, Sarri spent 25 years as a club coach. Due to this it was also seeking other livelihood Sarri. He worked as an employee of Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank, the oldest in the world still in operation.

He mentioned served as corporate financial analyst. An enticing position. When not working, Sarri stripped suit and changed its training suit wearing to train amateur clubs in the region of Tuscany. Alongside Antella (1996-1998), he still holds two different tasks: handling transactions in his company while helping the Club to promotion to Division V!

Sarri recently dedicating her life fully as a football coach when Tegoleto for directing at the age of 40 years (1999).

Maniac's Statistics

Sarri graduated from Academy of Coverciano coaching in 2006 with a thesis entitledLa Preparazione Settimanale della Partita. Contents about the stages of preparationto face the team matches in a week.

Interesting Fact Coach Naples, From Bank Employees To Drone

Of the thesis can be seen the mentality of Sarri Modibo and thoroughness in managing the team. He is referred to as a maniacal scheme and statistics. While still training the Sansovino (2000-2003), Sarri nickname Mister 33 from a journalist.

The term it appears because the coach is believed to be using 33 different schemesmake players to execute ball of death! It successfully applied along with Empoli because the Club is very dangerous in any situation a set-piece for the opponent.

At the beginning of his arrival in Naples, Sarri directly implement new methods that are unique. It monitors the movement of each player when the practice of using drones or small aircraft without crew. The results of monitoring via air were recorded, analyzed, and processed in the form of statistics to be reviewed by the expert staff establishment.

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Sarri also has a rare habit of rarely seen nowadays in football: smoking at the edge of the field! In the training sessions along with Napoli, he even sucking Rod while pouring a glass of tobacco espresso. Whew!

"I am still smoking like it used to be and will always wear training suits in a day match. I am not much changed the way I train in amateur level since, "he said.

Interesting Fact Coach Naples, From Bank Employees To Drone

The success of Napoli memuncakki standings on the weekend of the 14th Serie A 2015-2016 likened the parties made a number of bomber Gonzalo Dismisses with football legend Diego Maradona, Argentina.

A 2-1 victory over Internazionale on Monday (30/11) ushering I Partenopei as ownerwhile the throne of Serie a. Dismisses buy up all the goals his team victory.

For the first time since 25 years ago, Naples can be on top of the standings. The last time Napoli was in the first rank, Maradona was still playing for the Club.

At the time, Maradona was the adulation in Naples. The presence of the players berjulukkan "the hand of God" that raised the achievement of Naples which was previously difficult to win the title.

Throughout the history of Serie A, Napoli have recently become the champion twice. All the title occurs in the Champions League era.

Inevitably, Time expected to become the new Maradona for Napoli. The appearance of the impressive former Real Madrid bombers had opened the door of the expectations of the supporters.

2 is currently the top scorer in Serie A 2015-2016 with nicks 12 goals.

Performance Time is increased since he joined Napoli in mid-2013.

Statistics up to the 14th week of shows has increased rapidly in Time almost all aspects, except the three assists and accuracy.

These things are enough evidence that Dismisses so crucial for Maradona as Napoli,at present.

Related a number of opinions started to dare equate Dismisses with Maradona, not least that rate too fast for 2 to likened to Maradona.