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Klopp: no number one Goalkeeper at Liverpool

Midfielder Ilkay Guendogan reveal who suggested him to play in the Premier League alongside Manchester City. The figure is the Manager of Liverpool, Juergen Klopp.

Guendogan joined Manchester City in early season 2016-2017. Turkey bloodless Germany midfielder's live debut with The Citizens in the UEFA Champions League faceBorussia Moenchengladbach Central after recovering from injury.

He was back to being a starter in his first game in the Premier League face the Bournemouth, Tuesday (17/9/1999). In the game, players aged 25 years it managed to scored the first goal for Man City.

Despite recently undergoing two games, thanks to his decision very Guendogan moved from Borussia Dortmund to Man City. Most of these decisions were taken after hearing the advice of the then already Klopp became Manager of Liverpool.

Klopp: no number one Goalkeeper at Liverpool

"I asked if the Premier League is the competition is right for me. He said ' yes ', "saidSport Bild magazine to Guendogan.

"Klopp trust that I would feel very good in the Premier League and the style of playthat exist in the United Kingdom would be so perfect for me," he said.

As reported by the BBC, Guendogan ever admitted that himself will give the speechreceived still formally when Manchester City visit to Anfield on Saturday (31/12/2016).

Liverpool FC into the headquarters of Derby County in the League Cup third roundduel on Tuesday (20/9/2016) or Wednesday early today. That action could be a moment later The Reds goalkeeper debut, Loris Karius (23).

Karius underwent surgery due to a broken hand injury on him at pramusim.

After recovering, Karius only backup players sitting on the bench in the last two games while Liverpool conquer Leicester City 4-1 and Chelsea 2-1.

Klopp: no number one Goalkeeper at Liverpool

Now, open the chance for her Prime competitive action since the sample was recruited from Mainz.

Karius ready to shift the place of Simon Mignolet, who for this to be the ultimate choice of Manager Juergen Klopp in the bottom of the slide.

"Competition is always good for the team. Of course we know that there is competition, but we have a good relationship with one another (with Mignolet), "said Karius.

United Kingdom media began to expose the many topics Like Instagram concerning who is worthy of being the premier choice in Liverpool, Mignolet or Karius? Klopp confirms there are no goalkeepers ' number one ' in skuatnya.

"I know that question leads to nowhere, but the thing that we want is to have two tough goalkeepers. There are no decisions determine who the primary. I do not want to create a fight between them, "said Klopp on Sky Sports.

Karius got up a show of teeth given performance Mignolet is not special. In 5 weeksearlier in the League, 28 year old Belgium keeper it conceded 8 times and never once did take note of clean-sheet.

"This Competition is only regarding the eleventh appearance, improved performance, and shows how much they can help the team. It all depends on what I have seen in training, "said Klopp again.

Klopp: no number one Goalkeeper at Liverpool

Manchester United return associated with the Real Madrid midfielder. After James Rodriguez, now turn the incoming transfer Vortex Isco club called Vicious Red it.

Man United is called extra power needs a creative midfielder. Isco, which already creates scoring opportunities for 166 3.5 years with Madrid, entering their radar.

The news media by the United Kingdom, the diembuskan Mirror. Man United called consider recruiting Isco in January 2017.

Man United is ready to capitalize on the conditions of the Isco are erratic in Madrid.Under the control of Zane, a 24-year-old Player lost a place in the first team.

New Isco play La Liga twice in 2016-2017. He came down as a substitute in two games.

Isco only appear for 17 minutes in the opening match of the liga contra Real Sociedad. Had missed two games because of the injury to engkel, he then played 27 minutes against Espanyol.

Real Madrid issued a 30 million euro ($ 440 billion) when he brought Isco from Malaga in 2013. According to Transfermakrt, the market price of the Isco is currently 31 million euros.

Before it appears news reserved Isco, Man United are reportedly hunting down James Rodriguez. Media Don Balloon from the city of Barcelona, Spain, calling the Red Devils coach, Jose Mourinho, promised to give regular playing time to his quarterback.

Same as Isco, James also gets regular time difficulties in Madrid. Colombia national team star was making 3 appearances in the League this season and just one time as a starter.