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Fellaini: Manchester United Krisis!

Former Premier League players who are known to have a bad reputation on the outside and in the field, Joey Barton, bluntly through an autobiographical book.

Joey Barton produced a book called "No Nonsense: The Autobiography." The launch event will be held on Thursday (22/9/2016).

Through the book, Barton told me a lot about his experiences during engaged in world football.

One of the stories presented Barton is about himself that almost joined Liverpool FCin the season 2003-2004.

At that time, the club called The Reds that are handled by Gerrard Houllier.

"I promised to reveal in full. I will show the gross aspect of my character, "said Barton.

Fellaini: Manchester United Krisis!

Barton recorded ever defend four United Kingdom clubs. Initiate a career alongsideManchester City midfielder, who is now the Rangers FC costumed in Scotland then travelled to Newcastle United, Burnley and Queens Park Rangers.

Biography of Barton colored by a series of controversies. The latest, 34-year-old man was diskorsing for 3 weeks by Rangers due to conflict with his colleague.

Another manner of Barton is striking the left eye young players, Jamie Tandy, with acigarette still burning.

The incident occurred in 2007 when the player still defends Man City.

Matter of record at an international level, the new Barton once defended senior United Kingdom. Indeed there is no accomplishment is too special in the career of a football player is the birth of Huyton.

Barton's highest achievement was reaching the Championship Division two Championship with Newcastle and Burnley.

The Manchester United midfielder, Marouane Howard, admitted his team is in crisisfollowing poor results in the three-game streak.

Man United suffered three defeats in the space of eight days. The first two minor results they earn at present entertain Manchester City (1-2) on the party of Premier League 2016-2017 and then when up against Feyenoord in the UEFA Europa League(0-1).

Fellaini: Manchester United Krisis!

Then, the third defeat gained Wayne Rooney et al at the headquarters of Watford, Vicarage Road, Sunday (18/9). United gave up 1-3.

"We can say that there is a bit of a crisis because a club like Manchester United could not lose three times in quick succession," said Howard commented on the condition of United.

Although United are under less good, Howard asked his colleagues to immediatelyrise from being worse.

"Yes, we are indeed slumped, but we are men and should soon rise," said Belgiummidfielder was.

Furthermore, the Red Devils will face Northampton Town in the League Cup. The duel takes place at the Sixfields Stadium on Wednesday (9/9).

Howard appealed to the army Man United to forget game matches ago and focus on the next match.

"The defeat is indeed be a difficult moment. However, we must be prepared to facethe party Wednesday, "said Howard.

Fellaini: Manchester United Krisis!

Two consecutive defeats in the League make Man United slip to the 7th position ofthe standings. They pocketed 9 points from the results of five times.

How about in the Europa League? Jose Mourinho's squad into Group A gatekeeper.

Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, try so the guru of teammate, Michy Batshuayi, who also both came from Belgium.

Based on Transfermarkt, Batshuayi landed at Stamford Bridge on 3 July 2016 after redeemed from Olympique Marseille with mahar 39 million euros (about Idr 572.6 billion).

Despite being a new fleet of The Blues, the Batshuayi calculated Auto Like Instagram quickly adapt. A 22-year-old striker has scored three goals and one assist in five appearance alongsideChelsea.

This cannot be separated from the presence of the Hazard, which helps Batshuayi with the forces of Antonio Conte.

"Batshuayi has learned a lot of things. He tried to talk the language of the United Kingdom. I helped her, "said Hazard as reported by Sky Sports Monday (19/9/2016).

The best young players the Premier League it assesses the existence of Batshuayi 2014 and Diego Costa to make front-line Chelsea is getting fierce.

"He gave everything at the top of the field and also training. Together she and Diego, we have two good strikers, "said Hazard.

"When we play with one striker, it is sometimes difficult for Batshuayi received were on the bench. However, she is still young. I hope Batshuayi can score many goals forChelsea, "said Hazard.

Costa is indeed the main spearhead choice Conte. He has carved out five goals and one assist in five games.

Now, the sharpness of the Costa Batshuayi and become a threat to every enemy ofThe Blues.