Kamis, 17 November 2016

Twitter-Twitter-Related Landslide Defeat Argentina

Twitter-Twitter-Related Landslide Defeat Argentina

Brazil emerged as the winner over neighbors while their competitors in the CONMEBOL, Argentina. The 2018 World Cup Qualifying CONMEBOL, Selecao zone encompassed team Tango with a pretty disastrous score 3-0. These results make the chances Brazil to qualify for the final round of the World Cup 2018 to become more open.

Now they're ranked first round qualification CONMEBOL with 24 points, leaving Argentina that ranked sixth with 16 points, while creating opportunities for the Tango team qualify to the final round of thinning. Of the 11 games that already traveled, they just grabbed four victories and four draw.

In those games, Philippe Coutinho and Xavi could be a star. Coutinho became a discussion of materials the pandit in Brazil because he judged often display an appearance that were strongly inconsistent with www.1001instalike.com. However in the summer of 2016/2017, he would bring him many compliments after the game capable of displaying consistent, be it in Liverpool and Brazil national team.

Twitter-Twitter-Related Landslide Defeat Argentina

Currently, in Liverpool he has scored six goals and six of the 12 matches that asis already he lives in Anfield. In Brazil, the national team of his last five games in the national team he has scored two goals and one asis, including one long-distance kick goal he print against Argentina. The appearance of the mengesankannya this is what makes it a flood of puja-puji.

In addition to the praise-praise leveled for Philippe Coutinho, praise was also leveled at his side. Goals which he printed in the match against Argentina was his 50th goal for the Brazil national team. With his 24-year-old stepped on, he expected to be able to overtake the record goals Pele as Brazil national team top scorer with 77 goals. Only 27 goals difference only.

In addition to praise, from the chirp-chirp above it can be seen that there were alsoboos-boos addressed to Lionel Messi, Argentina national team star. After the success of usher Argentina to three final tournaments in three consecutive years, now he failed to pull Argentina national team appearances. Especially now that Argentina's situation in the qualifying round of the World Cup 2018 is quite difficult.