Kamis, 24 November 2016

Libido Scatter, The Captain Select FKB

Early in the dark to the retainer FC Libido. Certainly the team hosts Andri Irawan it would absent on the title Pro Futsal League 2016. It is submitted directly by the team captain of FC Libido Vishnu [...].

"Iya Libido and Pingdus broke up. There is no official meetings, just representative of 4 players, 2 coaches, 1 official and Mr. Edo (owner's club). The results of its discussions and Libido FC Pingdus FC disbanded and withdrew from the League, "said Vishnu to Futsal Zone.

The players of FC Libido then had to quickly find a new team, because the last League registration schedule up to 15th of January 2016. A very short time to get a new team.

Libido Scatter, The Captain Select FKB

Asked a question of the future of his career, Vishnu is not too worried because her team found that fit he explore in 2016 season. Yep, students graduate from Padjadjaran University officially merged into the city of Bandung hosts Futsal coach m. Ayi Yusup.

"InshaAllah to FKB participated the same bang Sabrun (Assistant Coach FKB) still in Bandung as well. The reason being close to his family and wife, "he said.

Not only Vishnu who already has a new team after FC Libido scatter. Players like Andri Kustiawan, Ekayana Andriayana and Bambang Bayu Saptaji (BBS) is the official signature of a contract with FC Vamos Mataram. Even the BBS is already following theTrial against Vamos A Ball yesterday afternoon (12/1).

Vamos Carlsberg Mataram, official Futsal national team players hook Indonesia, Bambang Bayu Saptaji.

Through the accounts of Instagramnya, Vamos to welcome former players of FC Libido.

"Welcome to Vamos, Bambang Bayu Saptaji," wrote the official account IG Vamos.

Libido Scatter, The Captain Select FKB

Earlier, coach Bonsu Hasibuan reveals, he had long coveted the BBS to complementhis team squads. Bayu himself had suffered a knee injury and was absent long Scorpion appeared in the National Championship 2015 along with https://www.1001instalike.com/ GATO FC Pingdus on last September.

Now, the performance of the ex player of FC own Libido predicted has recovered a total of cederanya and ready to perform with Syahidan Lubis dkk in Futsal Super League next February.

Ahead of the Futsal Super League (FSL) 2016, some teams continue to do recruitment and turnover of coaches. One cause of the ball that recruit Panca Fauzi of Futsal Bandung (FKB).

Five have experience of 5 years training the FKB, will get a new challenge with the team runner-up Indonesia Futsal League 2009. Ex 35 Futsal management were directlyanswered the challenge with a few new players he brought to the city.

Amongst the names rekrutan Panca Faidasa Subhan, among others, Hanif Sandro, great Bi, Nandy Sukma, Kiki Sidiq, Reinmart and Firmansyah. Seven players are its founders came FKB ex. In fact, Julinur Hafidz, Joseph AK, Kind Firmansyah and Moch Irvan seemed to have joined the exercise along with Hanif dkk.

However, the official admitted he was not yet Julinur would be a reunion with his former coach.
"I have yet to fix, its decision on 16 or 17 January, others are already contracted," said Ucok, greeting Julinur to Futsal Zone.

If the cs Ucok officially join, obviously Senses will be counting on experienced players ever at hand by making "A Ball flavored FKB". The following is the ball itself would be incorporated in the Group shared the Western Electric PLN, Bie The Great, FC Libido, Jaya Kencana, FKB and 2 teams from the League.